20 June 2007

Road Trip

I am someone who loves road trips.  This probably dates back to the many family vacations we took while I was growing up.  Traveling to all part of the US eastern seaboard.  It was so much fun hitting the road, eating in the car, stopping in remote places and then finally arriving at our destination.  I am on one of these right now.  I am traveling to Germany and will be heading back immediately.  So half of the trip via air and the second half via auto.  This is a very cool way to travel, except that we have to drive through Poland which needs to explanation to those of you who have done this.  We are hoping to do the drive from Stuttgart to Tartu in around 24 hours.  Is it possible, only time will tell.  

Road trips are a great chance to get to know someone.  This trip is with Märt Saar, my friend and also my brother in law.  We will be together the next 48 hours so we will have lots of time to talk, get tired of each other, need a break and maybe even have a few disputes, but thats what road trips are for!  Its about the journey, not the destination.  Of course, i am in more of a support role.  I hope that we can find a few seconds in Germany to stop and shop for a big gas grill for the new terrace at home.  This way the grill parties can continue and even grow to include more of you and of course the sacrifice of more animals and fish for our eating pleasure.  

So let me challenge you all to get out on the road and travel a little.  Nothing makes you appreciate home and the people there like a short trip into another world.  I am home sick already when Oskar grabbed my hand and wanted to go with me.  I would love to take him, but 24 hours in a car straight is cruel for a child who will soon turn 2.  In my next post I hope to have a small update about the trip and Märt will also be blogging as we have internet access.