08 June 2007


Tiredness is something we all seem to suffer from most of the time. The feeling that you can barely keep your eyes open. For me, when I am tired I slow down, but the world around me, seems to speed up. Its like as I move my head, the things I see get blurry. Reena asks me questions, I hear them, but it takes me a while to answer because it takes me so long to process. Yesterday was a day when I was terrible tired and this evening, I feel it again. I get like this when I just do too much and don't take some down time. But my thought is why do I and others feel this more than feeling good? Why do we live lives or walk through our lives barely awake. We long for our bed or time to just do nothing, more than living life to its fullest. Sometimes this can go on for days, weeks and even months. Its an awful to go through life and something I want to change. But how, what steps can I take? What do I have to cut out or start to do to feel more live when my eyes are open?

For one, I have to find my source of energy and then let it fill me up. Two places give me a lot of energy, my time with God daily and second is time with my boys and Reena. Often, life is too busy for these, and I run through my day and feel completely empty and wonder why, but I know the answer. Sometime I am tired and sit on the couch at home with Reena and I feel too tired to listen to her talk about her day, so I don't give her attention she needs and then usually that situation ends up not so good.

What recharges you? What gives you energy? Once you know, how are you making time for these things and how are making the most of those oppurtunities?

I bet if we could all do this, we might get an idea of what life is really all about!